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How we get the word out about our program

Publicizing the Ministry

How do you publicize the ministry, the next cook session, and the new meals available?

  1. In our Weekly church bulletins

  2. In our Monthly church newsletter

  3. In our announcement section of our church service

  4. On our screens during our church service

  5. In church-wide emails sent out regarding upcoming cook sessions or special service opportunities

  6. New meals are specifically identified on our freezer door with the following:

  7. Early on in our ministry, members of our ministry team would stand in our Atrium area after

    services with a cooler with meals in it to encourage people to take meals to those in their worlds that needed some extra caring. This really helped to train the congregation to take meals and where to get the meals from. Our freezer at that time was not located in a convenient area for pick up.

Special Publicizing

What special publicizing have you done about a certain topic?

  1. Usually once a year, we have a message in our weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter with suggestions on delivering our meals

  2. Sometimes our freezers run low on meals and our next cook session is not scheduled for a month or so. In these cases, we send out a church-wide email asking for emergency meals. We will also make announcements about this in our weekly bulletins and on screens during the church announcements.


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